A great opportunity to explore senses, develop creativity and build great memories My Little Van Gogh lets your little artist experience a session of exploring, feeling and getting messy with a wide variety of materials. It is not a painting class or a crafty activity, it is a creative lab with a set of open and self-directed activities carefully designed to suit the developmental needs of children of this age, boost their creativity and build self-confidence.


This special parent-child class is a highly recommended first Toddler Art Class. Little Theos develop their sensory skills as well as fine and gross motor skills.


We will explore, create and get messy in 4 stations: Sensory and Messy Modelling (play dough) Mural Project

Theos Group

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    • 10th September-18 th November 2018.
    • Full season (10 weeks)
    • You can join us at any point of the season and buy the remain classes (9,8,7...)
    • Weekly class (in a row). One hour session
    • No class on national holidays and during the school holidays (Oct.22nd-28th)

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