Tinkering is one of the activities in which we most firmly believe and enjoy with children over 5 years old to adults !. However, its definition and tools are not always as well known.

This guide will give you the information you need to start and make excellent proposals for your little ones. This toolbox contains 10 pages, in which we have included:


  • We tell you what is Tinkering? and why is it important?
  • If you wonder what is your role as an adult when the child is in a Tinkering activity, then these simple steps will guide you
  • And so that you communicate with empathy and really promote the autonomy, self-confidence and creativity of your little one, we prepare some questions / comments that to inspire you and begin to change your look
  • Now you are ready to prepare tools and materials with this list of essentials
  • The practical part begins now, with an activity and the worksheets that will help your little one to plan and reflect (it does not matter if they do not use it, the important thing is that it is only by speaking these processes are done)

Tinkering Toolkit


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